Feasibility Studies

Ascot Design offers expert advice and design guidance to clients when assessing the correct direction to any development opportunity. We see every new project as a creative opportunity and our intention is to deliver the best architectural solution to any given brief.

From the initial meeting with a client, our first step is to form a brief and have a clear understanding of the project. Then we undertake a thorough analysis of the site, evaluating constraints, identifying attributes and rationalizing these with the relevant planning policies.

If necessary we engage specialist consultants such as ecologists, engineers, arboriculturalists, etc. to ensure our solutions are well considered and able to be delivered effectively.

Regardless of the scale, style or purpose of a project, we always apply the same degree of enthusiasm and effort to our work, exploring every possible eventuality before proposing a response to the client.

Depending on its purpose, our work at this stage can be presented in the form of a written report, conceptual 3D sketch, 2D sketch floor plans or elevations, sketch site layouts or photo montages.

A feasibility exercise and initial input from our team, can be requested to assist with any of the following:

  • Establishing the optimum sized house for an individual or family building their dream home. This could be based on the budget available, relative to the desired specification that needs to be achieved, or simply to deliver certain accommodation requirements.
  • Researching the maximum or minimum values of comparable property in a certain location, as these may dictate or have a bearing on the viability of a proposal.
  • Advice relating to local planning policy or covenant limitations that apply to a site, and guidance on an efficient planning strategy in order to secure the most successful outcome.
  • Helping land owners establish the maximum uplift in value to their land, when there is any planning potential or gain that can be achieved. Whether they are considering redevelopment themselves or selling their site on to another party.
  • Assisting developers with a vision when they are purchasing or selling a particular site, enabling them to maximize the development potential or achieve premium land values. Advising them of realistic housing numbers, floor areas and the most efficient scheme that can be achieved on any size or type of site. Advice relating to the potential risks or chances of gaining planning success for a project.