Planning Submissions

Our exemplary reputation for securing planning permissions, is a result of our creativity and commitment to produce the best schemes, and our enthusiasm for testing the system and securing results.

We pride ourselves in producing the finest illustrations and have a recognizable style when presenting our submissions to clients and local authorities. Every application is afforded the same level of professionalism whether a multi-house development, a bespoke home, or extension, conversion or refurbishment of a building.

Frequently working within greenbelt locations, sensitive or challenging sites, Ascot Design apply their considerable in-house experience when developing a solution to offer the client.

During the planning process specialist reports are normally required and we have established professional relationships with numerous consultants of the highest standard. We always act as lead consultant enabling us to coordinate and utilize the essential information from outset to submission of the application.

Understanding the importance of preparing and submitting planning applications quickly and efficiently, we apply the necessary resources from our experienced team. During the early stages we decide on a planning strategy, sometimes needing a series of applications and form a work programme. This identifies key design stages, team meetings and target dates to ensure a scheme is prepared in the most efficient way.

Listening to feedback and involving our clients is always encouraged and we request input throughout the design process to reach the best solution.

For most schemes, we prepare and issue our work in three stages, liaising with our in-house technical and planning experts.

  • Stage 1 – Draft design
  • Stage 2 – Pre-planning design
  • Stage 3 – Planning issue

Draft design involves conceptual sketches, presenting many ideas and communication to agree a direction for the scheme. We work towards draft floor plans, a front elevation and draft site layout for the client to approve and sign off. We will suggest as many options as necessary, hold design team meetings internally and with the client, to reach a conclusion for this stage. If required a pre-application enquiry can be submitted with the level of information we prepare.

Once the draft design is approved we progress our work to the pre-planning issue. This includes adding more detail to our draft proposals and preparing all the necessary drawings needed to illustrate our scheme to the client and planning process.

Finally, our planning issue for the scheme is prepared. With the design work complete we focus on presentation and decide the best material and appearance of our illustrations, to ensure the application is afforded the best chance of success. This can involve adding colour, artist impressions, 3D material, before and after photography.

If requested, we can produce 3D models and computer generated images to assist clients to visualise our design. This proves to be beneficial when exploring finishes and materials, both internally and externally.