About This Project

For the Sunningdale executive housing scheme, a Local Authority Planning Officer recommended to the client that Ascot Design could take the project forward in a positive direction, following a history of rejected planning applications by other parties.

The plot had previously been occupied by a single dwelling and the project required a design that was in keeping with the character of the location, predominantly large dwellings on large plots of land.

Ascot Design’s response proposed two separate buildings strategically placed on the site, with elevations influenced by Edwardian architecture. While appearing to be two individual detached properties, each building subtly accommodates three separate houses.

To support a public consultation process, Ascot Design also produced a dedicated website for the proposals. This allowed local residents to view photo realistic computer generated images of the scheme and compare before and after views of the site. It also requested feedback which was acknowledged by the client and incorporated into the proposals.

Our approach to the planning process and design solution for this development has been extremely well received.